Remember BJ Zanzibar's World of Darkness? If you don't, it is (was?) a massive site dedicated to fan created materials for the old World of Darkness. However, it hasn't been updated since February of 2000. While still a valuable resource for finding material, it seems only appropriate to complement a new World of Darkness with a new database for original contributions.

With new games comes new techniques to solve old problems. Zanzibar's WoD required him to personally update his site and because anything was accepted, it quickly became clogged with unusable material for most STs.

But using 21st Century technology and an institution called Wiki, we can make a site that can grow without it's creators babysitting it. You, the people, are in control. If you see an entry that's unbalanced, discuss it on the material's Help:Talk page. If a consenus still can't be reached, make your own version. If you think of a better way to organize the site, start organizing a part of it and see if it catches on!

Join us and help this site evolve to one that rivals BJZ itself!