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Big Book of Riddles by R.J. Sphinx

The Big Book of Riddles is a small compendium of riddles, seemingly a 100 page hardbound book from the 70s, 10 point font, nothing unusual except the number of entries. The Author, R.J. Sphinx, made sure to include every riddle he knew, which happens to be every one that has ever existed, from the first riddle to the last, every riddle ever told, in any style or language, in any time and place, and riddles which don't exist yet. Now given that the book has only 100 pages this must be impossible, yet the pages contain all these riddles. Each riddle has the notation "answers on page 101", but of all pages, 101 does not exist.

Use this as equipment for solving enigmas, even if they do not provide an answer the riddles can help complete an incomplete riddle, provide insight into the writer, and origin of the riddle.


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Hatemonger's Mic

A dark piece existing since the first war and given a dark power during the fury of WWII, used by those who have nothing in their hearts but hatred and wish to spread that hatred to others through the technology of radio and public speaking. Secretly placed in the right places, it has fueled a growing darkness. WWII through Hitler, The McCarthy Hearings, Segregation, wherever there is hate to be used and people to corrupt, the microphone may be used... Only able to fuel hatred in others where it already exists but will incite action and even riot when used... (persistent effect) Oratory: Presence + Persuasion + 1-5 (microphone) versus Highest Resolve + Composure of audience

by Jarons

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A curious item from 1920, it actually increases spaces by extending to a full 6 feet. If used in a closet 4 feet wide, the closet will expand by another 2 feet. sadly if removed or reversed, the space will compact to its' original size, possibly damaging items stored in the space, or causing them to move into space available (ie up and out)

Very rare to find one in working condition. But they can be repaired at Crafts + Dex + equipment (15-20 success) extended every roll equals 30 minutes spent on attempting to repair. If a main part is missing or severely damaged such as the magnets, motor, or pistons, they cannot be replaced, as they were built special for the product.

Now, if you could find the original creator....

(storyteller determines the severity of the damage, age, malfunction, and thus how many successes are needed to repair)

Another Impossible Item from Jarons

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