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Interrupting Players: There are times when you ask a player what his character is doing and he hesitates while he mulls things over and another player will suggest an idea. Most GMs ask the others to be quite as they are not in the particular situation and can't help, yet realistically, whenever we do anything risky, stupid or otherwise different from our normal range it usually crosses our minds that Friend A would do this, or Friend B would do it that way. I find that this works a bit like a person battling with his own good or bad conscious so allow it. Also when I work as a whisperer (see Inferno) it doesn't get noticed.

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Meta-gaming Players. I have found that no matter what is ran, or what happens in game, there are going to be some that act on information not known by their characters. I suggest solving this by their characters getting a mild case of narcolepsy. I put them to sleep. There have been sometimes when this has proved dangerous, like if the character is driving down a busy road. They learn their lesson, and if not, they die.

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Rules Lawyers, these players can be difficult to deal with and will often stop the game in order to question the DM on a decision and such interruptions usually last anywhere from 4-9 minutes but more importantly this kind of interruption breaks player immersion in the world so there are two solutions to this, either A. punish the player every time he does this or B establish a rule where if you cannot find the information you think the dm is wrong on in 15 seconds in the book gameplay resumes as it is assumed the DM is right and your wrong due to the fact if you don't know the rule well enough to find it quickly you clearly don't know the rule as well as you thought.

(added note on Rules Lawyers) "The DM is always right....period!"

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These pieecs really set a standard in the industry. These pieecs really set a standard in the industry.

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